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Everyone Deserves Comfort, Without Spending Fortunes!

Our aim and motto is to provide durable, comfortable and modernistic furniture for your entire home and office at competitive and affordable prices. We believe that you should not need to spend a fortune to make your home and office furniture as comfortable and cozy as the rest of the house and office. 

The same way as a great day is dependent upon good night sleep, good humor requires your batteries to be charged in your sacred heaven i.e. your home. Your entire home deserves the very best as you do. We strive to provide the best furniture at the very best prices. In the same manner, your office deserves furniture that poses and promotes the same professional expression as yourself and the rest of your business. Comfortable furniture in the office makes sure that you can focus on your business instead of getting annoyed by outdated or impractical furniture.

We also believe that being an Irish company based in Ireland, we are in a far better position to understand and serve our fellow Irishmen and their business furniture needs than anyone else. Do you agree with us in our claim? If you do not, try giving us a chance to change your perception and our impression.   

Our local and international supplier network makes it possible that you get the latest and greatest furniture from us. Only the very best and environmentally friendly raw materials are used, with a high focus on recycling and reuse whenever possible. We believe that if you care for mother nature it will provide for you as it has done in millions of years. Our furniture is made from the finest wood, metal and synthetic materials. A quality which is meant to last! 

Our trained staff will be happy to help and assist you throughout the whole process to create the home and professional business environments of your dreams. Our selection of professional office furniture for sale online includes office desks, conference room tables, reception area welcome desks, and modern waiting room furniture at prices that can’t be beaten. We are pleased to represent reputable office furniture manufacturers and designer furniture.


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Whatever You Prefer

Whether you prefer Italian or French furniture, we have it available for you. What about good old Irish furniture that has served Irish people for centuries? Our local warehouses make it possible to have a very low delivery time. As there is no shipment hassle and the chances for goods to be damaged under transport is also reduced, resulting in happier customers, receiving the products they ordered as seen and intended to be delivered. 

We are an Irish company with an attitude of serving our people. Try us once and you will most probably stay with us forever, come for the variety and stay for our hospitality and service. 

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