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Welcome to view the best variety of modern furniture all available just some clicks or swipes away from your computer, tablet or mobile before becoming the newest addition to your office and home furniture. Having choices is a great thing, and we at Modish Furbish are extremely happy and proud to be able to provide you with this opportunity to have this kind of online furniture shopping experience.

Need something unique, modern and up to date furniture for your office, meeting rooms, reception or at home for your living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom or even bathroom? Talk to us today about our speciality within furbishing. Whether it’s a simple chair or stunning sofa chair, we can work with you to come up with something that’s completely unique and cozy for your office and home, fitting and matching its surroundings.


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Our Furniture Vision

We, Irish, are a hard-working nation and spend a lot of time in the offices and at work. The remaining time is spent at homes with family and friends. Having nice-looking, funky and modern furniture that is comfortable and cozy, makes all the difference in the world. Make sure to have the right type of furniture that suits and fulfils your needs as well as it blends perfectly in with the surroundings. Our motto is to provide quality to all customers, both for their businesses and their homes.

If you want to give your office a modern look or add a funky new detail to your living room, an eye-shaped clock might be the missing piece in decoration.

Eye Clock inspired by George Nelson

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Lights adds and affects moods of humans while it decorates the rooms. An elegant light in the living room or office is always much appreciated. How about adding this masterpiece?

Moooi dandelion light inspired by Richard Hutten

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What about adding stunning accessories to you surroundings? Both at home and in the office, creating a professional yet informal environment. Maybe add a bird to decorate your office, just without the chirping sounds?

Eames house bird – reproduction

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Modern furniture for your office, reception, meeting rooms as well as your home and home office.


Designer furniture that inspires and provides the opportunity to relax every time you use it

About Our Online Shop


When you are buying furniture, you want to be sure it’s modern, comfortable, good looking, matching the style and looks of the surroundings as well as unique and according to your needs. We strive to provide you with the opportunity to look through a great variety of modern furniture all at affordable prices in our online shop. 

Local and international distribution and delivery networks make sure that you get the furniture of your choice delivered right at your doorstep, whether you live in the city, town or a village. When buying furniture, transport should be the least of your worries and should not affect your choice. The same rule applies to distance! The lack of warehouses in your close proximity should not limit your choices. We make sure to provide you with the variety which is modern, trendy and durable. We supply furniture in Ireland, to all our fellow Irishmen and Irishwomen.   

Whether you have a small cozy apartment, a semi-detached house, a detached house or a mansion, we have the right furniture for you. So why wait or delay? If you are unsure about any choice, our staff will gladly assist you in answering questions related to our products. In professional settings, if you have an office consisting of a single room, an entire floor, or an entire building, we have the right furniture and enough amount of furniture to meet your needs. No order is too small nor is any order to big! We are here to serve.

We believe that every house should be made a home, and the furniture present in that home should make the residents more at home. Each office deserves the furniture that lifts its image and perception even more and provides a professional and positive impression on its visitors, guests and customers.


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We moved to outskirts of Dublin and were worried about our choices getting limited due to moving to a rural area. However, we took the chance and did not buy any new furniture before we moved, to make the moving process easy. Luckily a friend of ours tipped us about Modish Furbish, and initial browsing of the site provided choice among the best furniture that we had been looking for! Thanks to the available products and short delivery times, we were able to furbish both our new home and home office, without spending fortunes. And we did not need to worry about the delivery either, as it was all sorted out by Modish Furbish. I can’t thank you enough for delivering our furniture in record time and at such affordable prices. We would strongly and happily recommend Modish furbish to anyone interested in buying great quality furniture at affordable prices.  


Adam Conahan

Being a student, you have a limited budget for most of the things. I recently moved to Athlone from Dublin and as with most students chose to travel light. Luckily for me, I found Modish Furbish to furbish my apartment just according to my needs. The order process was simple and delivery was extremely flexible. Thanks for providing this wonderful opportunity, especially the discounted dome chairs. 



Jennifer Cook


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Whether you have one guest or a group of people, it is always the comfy and cozy sofas that get them seated comfortably. The more relaxed the mood is the more quality time you will have together! Being the great host you are, make sure your guests, visitors and customers get the very best sitting furniture, furniture expressing the same level of hospitality and comfort as yourself. 

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